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How to earn money with Social Media

Make money with social media Indahash

Earn Money with Social Media through Indahash.

Have you ever wondered how you can earn money with social media? Or how others do? 

Social networks has formed part of our daily lives and therefore businesses are using these platforms in their marketing strategy. Influence marketing has become vital in the marketing mix which is why companies are using digital influencers to reach potential clients.

What is a digital/social media influencer? This is a social media or blog user who has established creditability in a specific industry that has access to a large audience and can persuade others. Companies use influencers as it is more personal and persuasive than placing paid ads on social media platforms.

Indahash is a global digital marketing agency with a mobile app that allows digital influencers to earn money with social media by participating in their campaigns. Each campaign has its own conditions and tasks that need to be completed for the assignment. This may include using a specific #hashtag or @tag/mention and a caption. 

How does it work?

earn money with social media Indahash

Choose a campaign in which you would like to take part.

earn money with social media Indahash

Post a photo with a specific #hashtag and @tag.

earn money with social media Indahash

Check your balance and earnings for publishing posts

earn money with social media Indahash

Have money transferred to your bank account.

Once you have downloaded the app, registered your free account and logged in, you will be able to see the campaigns available to you. Once you have completed the task correctly, you will receive payment via Paypal. Remuneration is based on the amount of followers, growth in followers, engagement per post and reach but you must have 300 or more followers to qualify. Most of the campaigns are Instagram campaigns but Facebook and Snapchat are also used.

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